Education IT Services

Educators today have an impossible task, teaching our next generation of leaders with unknown tools, in an unknown environment. You're in the midst of trying to figure out brand new technologies, all while ensuring that you're passing on valuable lessons and meeting educational standards both in the classroom and online.


You're logging into multiple tools every day to teach, grade, connect with students, and provide parents' feedback. There's nothing more frustrating than these systems not working. We'll help you through these challenges.


When something breaks, you need a solution quickly so that you can get back to work. We have multiple platforms so that we can work directly to solve your problems efficiently and ensure that you aren't stuck in a technology dead zone.


The proliferation of online learning has brought hackers' out in force. Low budgets and the use of free tools has made hackers jobs all the easier. We'll help lock down your systems to maintain a safe environment for your students and staff.


You’re called upon to make changes on the fly – implement new solutions, take your classroom virtually, work with different platforms. Deeptree here to help you design, implement, and operate seamlessly.