Healthcare IT Services

You just want all of your technology to work, so that you can best serve your patients. You also have to be cognizant of compliance, security, and staffing. You never got into medicine to be a technology expert. That's where we come in.


Between HIPAA, PCI, and everything else around electronic medical records; you could spend your entire day focused on compliance rather than serving patients. We focus on that so that you can focus on helping patients.


If your technology is down, you can't see patients. If you can't see patients, you can't generate revenue. More importantly, you're not helping your patients get well. Under our care, your practice can kiss downtime goodbye.


Patient records are a hot ticket item for hackers, so you have two options – maintain a paper operation, which negatively affects patient experience, or work with a team that will maintain your cybersecurity protocols.

Practice Management

Is your practice running as efficiently as it could be? Are your platforms and software working together? Can you seamlessly move from exam room to exam room with the right technology and information at your fingertips? Deeptree – IT Service Provider Palmer will help make your practice better.