Trusted Alaska-Based MSP Serving North America

“Like the solid Alaskan landscape: Deeptree stands ready to manage your IT.”

Deeptree is an Alaska-based MSP serving North America. We are a group of thinkers, dreamers, and innovators who are wildly passionate about security. Since 2013, we’ve worked tirelessly to protect your business, your staff, and your data in a turbulent world. We’ve met uncertainty with creative solutions and pride ourselves on pivoting to meet unique business needs.

Our Alaskan roots have cultivated resiliency, determination, and resolve to ensure that every client operates to the best of their potential. While we focus on technology, our passion is business. In particular, we find ways to make your business better, allow your job to be a little easier, and help you focus on growth rather than on day-to-day technology woes.

Some people may think that being up in Alaska cuts us off from the world and makes it more difficult to serve the rest of the country. On the contrary, we think it’s the exact opposite. Living in this environment has forced us to adapt, overcome, and be creative. That’s the exact mindset we bring to every one of our client’s problems, and what we’ll bring to your company too.

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As an Alaska-based MSP serving North America, we are able to provide managed services that are sustainable and reliable. Deeptree understands the importance of use for services that keep a company running. We specialize in services such as: backup and disaster recovery, security, communications, and more. Maintaining continuity in services is our specialty and focus regardless of the business environment or challenges.

Consequently, our clients trust our judgment for providing solutions that enable their continuous function.

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Over 65 years of experience

providing reliable, dedicated, managed services. 

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