Old things are great; vintage radios, lamps, and furniture are treasures that can transport you to another time. Old computers and outdated tech aren’t as magical. While aging business hardware can transport you to another time, it’s usually just unproductive downtime. Wasted time is one of many downsides to running old machines. Here are five more reasons to upgrade your business tech.

Security Risks

The risk of a security breach is considerably higher when using aging hardware. There are many factors to unpack here, but one of the biggies is as hardware ages, tech companies issue fewer updates and, on a long enough timeline, may discontinue support altogether, leaving security holes unpatched. Forever. You can see why that’s bad if your business is running outdated hardware. However, there are cost-effective solutions available. Many service providers, like Deeptree, lease hardware for a manageable monthly fee. This option is great because it’s scaleable, so you’ll never get saddled with hardware you don’t need, and your business will benefit from better security.

Productivity Loss

We know that life and work have a delicate harmony and balance. We also know that downtime should not be spinning in an office chair while you reboot your computer for the fifteenth time in a single morning. Projects and daily tasks can come to a screeching halt when older machines and systems malfunction. Another factor to consider is when you run old hardware; you risk losing customers. Outdated technology is a deal breaker for many customers because of the security risks alone.

Liability Issues

Outdated hardware can become a huge liability issue, especially in industries with regulatory compliance standards. Even if you don’t work in a regulated industry like healthcare or finance, you can still get in some screamin’ hot legal water if your business suffers a major security breach due to outdated tech.

Old Hardware Costs a Ton to Maintain

Legacy machines living out their golden years in your office are costing you a lot of scratch. You see, aging hardware needs special attention and care to keep it from breaking down, which can be extremely costly. If you’re lucky, you can DIY some maintenance stuff and keep your computers kickin’ a little longer, but it shouldn’t be your long-game hardware strategy. We wrote a whole post about it here. Another thing to note is that aging computers and their systems typically don’t play nice with the new ones, and IT support for old machines and systems can become difficult to find over time.

There’s no doubt about it; new hardware can cost a boatload, but the cost of continuing to rely on digital dinosaurs to keep your business running is so much greater. Especially when affordable and scaleable solutions exist. When you’re ready to leave the stone age behind, Deeptree will help you find the best hardware solution for you.  

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