Here are 6 Tips to Keep Your Old Computers Running Longer

There’s no shame in the ‘use it ’till it breaks’ mindset; it’s an excellent attitude to have these days, but not necessarily when it comes to your business technology. The problem is that technology seems always to be two steps ahead, no matter what. You go to bed Sunday night and wake up on Monday to find Rosie the Robot in your kitchen whisking up omelets. Sure, it’s a stretch, but who knows? Circle back on Monday and let us know. The point is that it’s impossible to keep up with the latest and greatest technology, but it’s never been more important to upgrade your business’s hardware to optimize your growth and security.

But what do you do when a significant upgrade and overhaul is financially out of the question? One of the best and most cost-effective options is to lease the hardware you need from a trusted Managed Service Provider like Deeptree. The Hardware as a Service option is excellent for businesses that need an affordable and scaleable option, with the added benefit of security gains. However, if there’s really no wiggle room in your budget, these tips can help your current hardware keep on truckn’.


The tips listed below can absolutely help keep your hardware running for longer, but there are serious risk factors to keep in mind if you’re going to be running old machines. You can read all about those risk factors in our blog post here. Don’t say we didn’t warn you. Now on to the tips!

Run Your Updates

This one’s easy; just run your updates. Alright, sometimes it’s not so easy. Updates on an old computer can take fooooooooorevvvvverrrrr but make the time. Schedule the time, and don’t forget. Updates are crucial for older hardware because they can increase the security and performance of your computer. You could run the update while making a sandwich, make it the last thing you do before leaving for the day or the first thing you do Monday morning, or use it as an excuse to get out of a Zoom meeting or not, but don’t wait or put the update off until tomorrow, you’ll forget.

Keep it Clean

Make sure you’re keeping your aging computer free from dust and debris. If you haven’t cleaned your hardware in a while, consider giving your computer a spa day. You don’t need fancy tools or sprays, just a micro-fiber cloth, canned air, water, or rubbing alcohol. Don’t spray anything directly on your computer. Dampen the microfiber cloth, then get to cleaning. Dust-free hardware is happy hardware!

Don’t Move ‘Em

Try not to move old computers around too much; they don’t like it. Even the most minor bumps and slight jogs can cause a hardware failure in an aging machine. Be mindful of moving old hardware around and only do so when absolutely necessary. Otherwise, let Grandpa PC sit at the comfy desk.

Use a Surge Protector

Plug your computer into a surge protector. Computers are very sensitive to voltage variations, and any power fluctuations could damage your computer and shorten its lifespan. A surge protector acts like an electricity bouncer, ready to deflect any aggressive voltage right out the door.

Train Your Team

Routinely train your team on security best practices. Educating your team about cybersecurity is one of the most effective ways to prevent a cyber attack. Phishing awareness training is a great place to start. At Deeptree, we use Sophos Phish Threat to help our clients keep their team on the lookout for suspicious emails. With realistic simulations and actionable security awareness tips, Sophos Phish Threat is the way to go. Want the hook-up for a free Sophos Phish Threat Demo? Get in touch today!

It’s not always easy to work with what you’ve got, but hopefully, with routine maintenance, team training, and a little extra TLC, your technology will keep your business moving forward.

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